AlphaInvest Capital Partners AG is a club deal investment boutique for family offices, focusing on investments in young growth companies and innovative SMEs.

We are part of a single family office. As such we preferably work together with other entrepreneurial family businesses and experienced investors.

Key criteria for us in each investment decision are innovation and scalability, regional roots, as well as reflection of social, economic, and political macro trends.

  • Focus on club deals: Maximum control for investors within their asset allocation

  • Investors: Entrepreneurial families and family businesses, family offices, high net worth individuals

  • Clear scope: Only investment themes which we duly understand

  • Conservative approach: No businesses with substantial bulk risks

  • Exit strategy forms part of our investment decision


We focus on innovative growth companies; the respective business model should reflect or anticipate social, economic, and political macro trends.

We generally work across various sectors – provided we duly understand the business model. As an active investor however, it is our goal to further advance the respective portfolio company beyond providing financial investment.

Our projected investment horizon is about 5 years. Potential exit scenarios are a key element of our investment decision making.


Our approach consists of extensive due diligence work, negotiation of investment terms and legal aspects. If necessary, we also employ external expertise. Through our digital investment platform, we have streamlined the overall investment process without compromising on quality. Our objective is to achieve maximum convenience for all parties involved.

As active investors, we work closely with the management teams of our portfolio companies, supporting them as sparring partners on strategic issues and assisting with our professional network.

We believe in structured investment management and as such in bundled representation of investor interests. Therefore, we serve as a central point of contact in relation to the portfolio companies and speak with one voice on behalf of our investors.

Digital Private Equity


AlphaInvest Capital Partners sees itself as an advisor to qualified investors. As such we provide access to attractive investment opportunities, tailored to an exclusive circle of investors.

On request we also implement proprietary investment strategies.

Exclusive Investor Circle

Club Deals

   – Attractive deal flow
   – Access to larger investments
   – Professional PE-Portfolio
   – Representation of investor interests

Digital Investment Process

Digital Platform

  • – Central access
  • – Permanent data room
  • – Transparent processes
  • – Structured communication

Partnerships with Financial Services

Wealth Management

  • – Expansion of product shelf
  • – No asset outflow accounted
  • – Depositable securities (partly)
  • – Semi-liquid structures


  • Central investment management by AlphaInvest Capital Partners
  • Structuring, evaluation, and qualification of deal flow

  • Stringent transaction management

  • Standardized investment reporting on a central platform

  • No market exposure for low-key investors

No need for family offices to maintain an internal dedicated team to execute attractive private equity investments: One single person acting as interface to AlphaInvest Capital Partners is sufficient.